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Public awareness series on PBS Rundown

Over on The Rundown, a blog affiliated with the US PBS show The Newshour, Jason Kane has an entry focused on Learning Disabilities as a prelude to segments to appear on the TV news show. In collaboration with our friend Sheldon Horowitz of the National Center on Learning Disabilities, Mr. Kane describes “Five Misconceptions About Learning Disabilities.” Check it out and that watch the segments.

LD and sports

Writing for the Los Angeles (CA, US) Times, Matt Stevens leads an extended story about the importance of sports in society with a section on Julius English, a 39-year-old behavior therapist who couldn’t read until he was 10 but developed strong basketball skills during his adolescence and now uses those skills as part of his repertoire for working with children. Mr. Stevens’s story is about sports, but the section on Mr. English has enough about LD that it will be of interest to some readers of LD Blog.

I was particularly taken with with a quotation in the caption for a photo: Mr. English said, ” You can teach a kid with special needs anything. You just have to figure out how.”

Link to Mr. Stevens’s story, “Why sports matters: A behavior therapist with a learning disability, a blind baseball fan and a high school football player all have something in common: a love for the game.”

Liz Ditz talks sense

Reporter Valle Dwight quotes LD Blog pal Liz Ditz extensively in “Searching for the miracle: Parents, in a desperate quest to fix what they’ve been told is broken in their children, are willing to try (or pay) anything to help their kids” available on Great Schools. Check on it. The article is worth a read. It fits right in with the emphasis on evidence-based treatments here on LD Blog.