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Carol Greider at the Nobel ceremonies

On the US National Public Radio (NPR) this morning, reporter Joe Palca reports about tagging along to the ceremonies attended by Carol Greider, who was honored with a Nobel Prize with Jack Szostak and Elizabeth Blackburn for their groundbreaking work about telomeres (during Professor Greider’s graduate studies!). For those who are not familiar with Professor Greider’s history, it includes the difficulites that accompany having dyslexia. Professor Greider, who is a molecular biologist at Johns Hopkins University and one of only 10 women who have received the prestigious award, seems to have a great time in Mr. Palca’s story.
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Stick to your pans

Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver by
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Via a post by “Sixty-Five” at Life Begins at Sixty-Five, I learned of an article by Alex Witchel in the New York Times featuring the famous chef, Jamie Oliver. The 35-year-old Mr. Oliver has been a one-person juggernaut in the world of cuisine. Mr. Witchel’s story is about Mr. Oliver going to a metropolitan area in West Virginia (US) noted for the high rates of obesity among its populace; there he will promote the pleasures of home-cooked food.

As Sixty-Five noted, an interesting subtext to the story is Mr. Oliver’s schooling experiences. Mr. Oliver’s success comes against a back drop of Learning Disabilities. Here’s a snippet from the Times article to illustrate:
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