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Promoting success in college

In “2-Year Colleges Help Learning-Disabled Students Break Into Math and Science,” Ashley Marchand reports about efforts to support students with Learning Disabilities succeed in post-secondary education settings. Ms. Marchand’s article appeared in the news source of record for higher education, the Chronicle of Higher Education.

For as long as he can remember, Robert T. Calloway has had a fascination with engineering and all things mechanical. He wanted to pursue an engineering career despite a diagnosis of dyslexia, which challenged both his confidence and his ability in the classroom.
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Another success story

In “Teen graduates from San Diego State: O’Callaghan overcomes learning disorder to excel in academics,” Gary Warth of the North County Times (Escondido, CA, US) reports that Sean O’Callaghan graduated at 19 years of age from San Diego State University 29 January and will now pursue doctoral studies. Mr. Warth notes that Mr. O’Callaghan’s achievements are even more impressive because he has a Learning Disability.

An Eagle Scout at 14. A top-ranking Sea Cadet at 16. And now a college graduate at 19 headed into a doctoral program in England.

It would be tempting to believe that success comes easily to Sean O’Callaghan of Rancho Penasquitos, but he wouldn’t necessarily agree.

Mr. O’Callaghan attributes his success to hard work, not native ability. It’s hard to know whether his self-assessment is accurate. He could be really smart. But, smarts are irrelevant in the face of substantial achievement. I’m glad to see he’s making it.

Unfortunately, this story identifies “auditory process disorder” as a Learning Disability. Despite having worked on the topic of Learning Disabilities for the better part of 40 years and having head it many times, I’ve not yet come to grips with what that phrase means. Nevertheless, I applaud Mr. O’Callaghan’s accomplishements and hope that he is as successful in his future endeavors as he has been previously.

Link to Mr. Ware’s story.

Graduation stories

It is the season of graduations from high schools and colleges, and with them will come a rash of stories about individuals with Learning Disabilities reaching those milestones in education. I came upon one of them in John Schumacher’s story, “Payne’s basketball dream now a reality:The former Sac State player will graduate today, against some tall odds,” that appeared in the Sacramento (CA) Bee. This graduation story, however, raises questions about the competence of educators.
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