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What do readers seek?

I’m wondering what readers hope to find when they come to LDBlog. Drop a comment to let me know, please.

Fletcher paper about identifying LD

The RTI Action Network published a paper by Jack Fletcher about identification of Learning Disabilities in the context of response to instruction (or intervention; RTI). Professor Fletcher, who has been a leading proponent of RTI since the 1990s, makes a strong case for the importance of examining instruction as a part of determining eligibility for LD services.
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HB, Ken Kavale

On 5 February 1946, Kenneth A. Kavale was born in Brooklyn (NY, US). After graduating from college, Ken taught for a few years and then began graduate studies. In the 30+ years after he completed graduate work, he became one of the foremost contributors to the contemporary understanding of Learning Disabilities. As a journal editor, speaker, book author, and researcher, he assembled a remarkable record for scholarship. As an advocate, he encourage educators to think carefully about their words and actions. As a pal, he made lots of us laugh. Ken died in 13 December 2008. The phenomenon of Learning Disabilities is better understood because of the work he did.

Read the notice of Professor Kavale’s death on SpedPro.

Many dreams spoken

Yesterday was the anniversary of I Speak of Dreams, the blog that Liz Ditz maintains. Liz has used it to many sensible and helpful posts for parents, teachers, and others. She’s dug through mountains of information (including mis- and dysinformation) to make sense of issues and then reported about them clearly and thoroughly.

Liz, sorry I’m a day late, but Happy Blogiversary!

New poll: Bogus LD treatment

Here’s a new poll for you summer visitors.

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Starting year five

My flute!
Happy anniversary

It was on this day four years ago that I posted the first entry for LD Blog. Here we are, about 420 posts later and still draggin’ along through the underbrush.

Thanks to everyone who’s read LD Blog regularly and, especially, those who’ve dropped comments and sent correspondence via back channels.

Future content

I’ll be adding some new pages to LD Blog over the next couple of weeks. They’ll appear under the section called “special content” in the header and each will include multi-media content as well as a text.

Although I have selected the topics for the first few, I’d like to determine the topics about which readers would like to see new content. Do you want to have coverage of causes? Treatments? What? I’ve created a poll where readers can vote for topics to be covered. Please vote for up to three different topics.
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Literacy donations

I’ve known about the Literacy Site for a long time, but never thought to link to it from LD Blog until yesterday. If you’ve been around the Internet since it’s first 5 years or so, you probably remember the sound that echoed when the Hunger Site went live. I can remember the desk and the old Mac that I was using when a friend first pointed me to it.

The Literacy Site does for books what the Hunger Site does for food: It uses sponsor-donated revenue to fund purchase and distribution of books. Once a day, users can register their presence by clicking a link on the site, and sponsors (e.g., Phi Beta Kappa) donate.

It seems like an appropriate feature for LD Blog. In fact, I might put an always-present link a sidebar for this one. In the meantime, here’s a link.

Welcome Pete and Pam

Pete and Pam Wright recently launched a blog, so let’s welcome them to the neighborhood. Their contributions via the rapidly changing form of blogs promise to be helpful. You can read the blog on the Web or, of course, subscribe to it with your favorite RSS reader.

Flash of the electrons to Christina Samuels of On Special Education for alerting me to this.

Local parent groups

Parents who are members of the Mashpee (MA, US) Mashpee Special Education Parents’ Advisory Council (SEPAC) have created an extensive Web site with extensive resources at Mashpee SEPAC. Are there other similar sites created by parent groups? Please add links to any that exist by posting them in comments.