About LDBlog

LDBlog’s been a figment of my imagination since the early part of this millenium, when I wanted to start posting my observations about Learning Disabilities. I procrastinated, searching for a suitable way to make the product easily updated and readily readable, and I didn’t get around to it until 2005.

LD Blog aims to provide trustworthy information about Learning Disabilities (LD), including topics such as these: learning disorders, learning differences, specific learning disabilities (SLD), defintion, assessment, education, instruction, teaching, causes, prevalence, incidence, history, symptoms, characteristics, co-morbidity, developmental disorders, definition, ability-achievement discrepancy, diagnosis, identification, intelligence, IQ, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, disorganization, medical, neurology, minimal brain dysfunction (mbd), heredity, curriculum-based measurement (CBM), cognition, cognitive-behavioral modification, learning styles, meta-cognition, attention, adhd, attention-deficit, hyperactivity, memory, motivation, task-analysis, direct instruction, reading and reading problems, writing and writing problems, mathematics and math and arithmetic problems, mainstreaming, inclusion, strategy training, meta-comprehension, self-monitoring, mnemonics, strauss syndrome, service-delivery models, residential schools, special day schools, self-contained classrooms, resource rooms, co-teaching, collaborative consultation, early identification, transition, vocational training, parents, families, siblings, homework, parent-teacher relations, employment, law, legislation, courts, news, research, evidence-based, scientific, support, advocacy, and policy.

Who am I? My name’s John Lloyd. In my professional life, I use my middle name, too, so when you run into it in publications and such, it’s John Wills Lloyd, Ph.D. The Ph.D. came from the University of Oregon in 1976. Prior to graduate studies, I taught students with a wide variety of disabilities in the southern California area. Since graduate school, I’ve been teaching about Learning Disabilities, emotional and behavior disorders, teaching methods, behavior management, research methods, and even technology applications in education. My day job is at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education.

You can learn more about me by perusing my curriculum vita or reading my U.Va. Web space.