RFB&D becomes Learning Ally

RFB&D, which was originally known to many of us as “Recording for the Blind” before it became “Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic” and then (more simply) “RFB&D,” has renamed itself “Learning Ally” and affixed a ™ to that. Keep up with the latest from LearningAlly™.

2 Responses to “RFB&D becomes Learning Ally”

  • The new name is niot wisely chosen because it hides what you DO and for Whom. I am an educator, and can tell you this is not uncommon. You and your nmission have disappeared.

    Why did you do thios?

    David Bates (a registered lifetime member)

    17217 Quaker Lane
    Sandy Spring MD 20860

  • David, thank you for sharing your thoughts. A great deal of research went into the new name, including focus-groups, parent and member discussions. RFB&D has served us well over the years and we have a strong foundation within the communities we serve. What about the students (potential members) who are not blind or dyslexic? But who learn differently and can benefit from our services; we are now able to reach a broader market and connect with additional people who benefit from the use of audiobooks. We have a new mission and goal to make reading accessible for all. Please feel free to read additional feedback on our name change at http://www.LearningAlly.org/Aboutus

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