Levine suit to continue

Attorney C. Durso
Atty C. Durso

Carmen L. Durso, the attorney representing 45 men who claim that Dr. Melvin Levine manipulated their genitals during private examinations for Learning Disabilities when the men were children or youths, said that their suit against Dr. Levine will proceed against his estate now that he has died.

Appearing on NECN’s “The Broadside,” Mr. Durso told interviewer Jim Braude that he has 45 people in the group, but that he has talked with “at least 60.” People say “thousands” were abused, but it is difficult to ascertain how that number is reached.

Mr. Durso is the attorney who represented the clients in the suit against Dr. Levine that was settled in the 1990s.

After Mr. Braude asked whether suicide as a cause of death would influence legal actions, Mr. Durso noted that there are legal consequences of suicide that could come into play. Courts may take suicide into account when determining whether there is tacit admission of culpability. (As far as I know, authorities have not indicated that Dr. Levine’s death was a suicide. [Please see updated info: NY Times: Levine shot himself—JohnL.])

Watch the full interview from NECN (New England Comcast Network): “Broadside: Death of Dr. Levine

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