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Wishing folks a happy MLK Day!

For those teachers who frequent these pages and don’t know about Paul Morris, the author of 101 Language Activities, please allow me to encourage you to scoot on over to Free Language Stuff and explore his site. Yes, you read the adjectives correctly. The first adjective does mean “at no cost.” Mr. Morris makes available for free lots and lots of materials that teachers can use for teaching language skills.

The materials are not full-blown instructional programs. Teachers will need to provide the lessons surrounding the materials of course. They’ll have to sequence the lessons. They’ll have to structure the repetitions. Mr. Morris provides sensible hints about doing these things, but one needs to do plenty of work in creating lessons.

Teachers are almost always in need of instructional materials they can adapt and modify for use with individual students. I recall having to create scores of ditto pages every week when I was teaching. (I thought it was clever to make multi-colored dittos!) At Free Language Stuff, Paul Morris provides a wealth of ready-to-use materials that many teachers will be able to adapt quickly and, I hope, successfully.

Also, keep up with Mr. Morris via his blog, The Language Fix.

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  • Awesome resources — thank you! Have been looking for materials for a group of primary kids with severe SLI (specific language impairment).

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