Is inclusion right for your child?

Over on LD Experience, Kathryn Burke posted an editorial recounting some of her experiences as a parent of children with Learning Disabilities who must weigh placement alternatives. She describes an encounter with another parent who disagreed with her decision to place her elder son in a specialized school.

A parent from my son’s school, who had not heard about the lecture from me, came to greet me and ask if I could put her name on the “special education distribution list.” Another woman overheard our discussion and asked about the list, how it had started, and if she could join. I told her that I had assembled the email list from the names of individuals who had been present at events organized by the Parent Council at my son’s school, of which I was a member of the executive. I explained that the school was a specialized site within the public system for students with learning disabilities. Upon hearing this, the woman looked at me with a level of disgust as if I had grown horns, and loudly said, “I will have absolutely nothing to do with people who believe that children with disabilities should be segregated!”

Ms. Burke, who is the executive director of Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta (CA) and the founder of LD Experience, relates what happened after this encounter and what she hopes will happen in education so that students with Learning Disabillities can succeed.

Read Ms. Burke’s entire essay here, the explore more of the LD Experience Web site. Flash of the electrons to Liz Ditz for alerting me to this editorial.

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