Masons to the rescue again

In “Solving the dyslexia puzzle,” Teri Maddox of the Belleville (IL, US) News-Democrat reports about Matt Grohmann’s struggles with dyslexia. The good news is that Mr. Grohmann hooked up with Michele Johnson who tutors for the Valley of Southern Illinois 32nd Degree Masonic Learning Center for Children.

Matt Grohmann looks forward to after-school tutoring the way other kids look forward to Boy Scouts or baseball practice.

The one-on-one sessions with a reading specialist give him a chance to be successful and make the rest of his life happier.

“I had bad reading,” said Matt, 10, of Swansea. “It was embarrassing when I would go in a group and read a story. I wasn’t very good, and the other kids would say, ‘You can’t read!’

Things are better for Mr. Grohmann now, as Ms. Maddox reports here. There’s lots more to the story, so make sure you read the whole thing!

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