Poll 2 on RtI and LD

Here’s an announcement of the second in the series of polls to assess readers’ perspectives on response to intervention or response to instruction (RtI) and Learning Disabilities. RtI (which was expressly permitted in the US Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), is commonly considered to have multiple tiers of intensity with careful monitoring of students’ progress informing decisions about providing increasingly more intensive services. The mechanisms of RtI are the focus of this poll. Although they are being adopted broadly, the only RtI models that have been studied closely are in early literacy, so I’m limiting this discussion to those efforts.

==> Tier 1 is composed of a well-implemented core curriculum, one that (ideally) has been tested and proven to be effective.
==> Tier 2 is composed of supplemental instruction (additional, smaller-group lessons providing extra practice, etc.).
==> Tier 3 is even more intensive additional instruction; it might include specialized corrective reading procedures, even-smaller-group instruction, etc. (There is debate among advocates about whether it is equivalent to special education services and, therefore requires that school determine eligibility before a child begins.)
==> Throughout, the teachers and other school staff would use data from frequent assessments of children’s progress to make instructional decisions about the level of help students receive. If progress-monitoring data (usually simple, quick measures such as number of words ready correctly per minute) show that they are progressing well with tier 1 instruction, then it should continue. If they are not making adequate progress, then the intensity of services should be increased accordingly.
==> There is a strong emphasis on promoting collaboration among educators. RtI advocates often talk about creating one system of education rather than two separate systems (general vs. special). The rationale is that collaboration will help promote sharing of expertise and focus on individual students’ needs.

So, thinking about RtI for early literacy instruction, please consider this

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Please remember that the data generated from these polls are not scientifically strong. They only represent the opinions of those who voted, nothing more.

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