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I keep meaning to return to the topic of handwriting, but I’ve not had the time. I want to extend the notes I made about correcting reversals, but work on a book about K-8 reading instruction just keeps getting in the way! However, in part as a reminder to me, I’m dropping a link here to a page by Leila from Special Ed and Me about handwriting resources.

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  • If Orton was wrong, how is it that, in over forty years of teaching in six different countries and thirty years of that in Spec Ed, I have yet to encounter a child with severe handwriting and reversal problems who did NOT have anomalous lateral dominance?

    Either you are wrong or my own experience is wrong…?

    It might be helpful to look at recent scientific MRI research instead of work/thought from the 1970’s. Orton may not have been 100% correct, but he was much closer than anyone else…

    I’m now in China and guess what? In just the last week I have predicted to two parents whose children have severe problems that there is probably a lateral dominance factor. In both cases the child picked up my little kaleidoscope with the right hand, and crossed the mid-line to the left eye. Both write with the right. Years and years of experience have taught me to trust my own eyes.

    Look again at MRI results among dysgraphics/dyslexics.

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