Teacher screeches

Kathy, who provides private remedial reading services in British Columbia (CA), has a blog she calls “Teacherscreech: Rants and musings about dyslexia, learning disabilities and other challenges.” that’s worth a peruse. Check these entries: Too little, too late and Why don’t teachers get the training in university?. Also, read through Kathy’s earliest posts about her realization that she needed to change her teaching (start here).

2 Responses to “Teacher screeches”

  • Thank-you for the mention John. I would like to suggest people read Liz’s 2nd comment under IQ discrepancy and LD if they visit my blog- she has written a very thoughtful post on how her daughter successfully managed the public school system. I also want to say how wonderful it is to read about teachers going the extra mile for a learner.

  • Liz does have a good perspective; she sees things clearly and tells ’em straightly.

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