Eric Bjerstedt is a tutor for PrepMe, which is a relatively new college-entry test-preparation company that does more than many of its competitors. In a blog on the PrepMe site, Mr. Bjerstedt promises to disclose valuable tips for overcoming his own disabilities.

I’m a third-year linguistics concentrator at the University of Chicago. I was diagnosed with ADD and Tourette Syndrome at the age of eight. Over time, I have learned to deal with these disabilities without medication and want to share my thoughts so that others may benefit as well.

I recently had an article published in ADDitude Magazine entitled “When ADD Meets the SAT” and over the course of the next few weeks, I will be sharing my tips.

Link to the PrepMe blog where one can follow along as Mr. Bjerstedt explains his tips or to the first entry from which I’ve quoted here.

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